About Doggo Genius

I will leave how working with animals changed my life for the blog section of this website.  In a nutshell, I've been studying and working with dogs full time for eight years now, my previous career was as a full time designer, part time illustrator.  The illustrations on this website are mostly of dogs I have worked with, the ones who have become my teachers.

I have studied Canine Behaviour and Training through various institutes COAPE,  Tellington Touch, IMDT ,the Canine School of Science and I'm currently a facilitator at Pet Sense College.  I'm certified through IMDT (UK)  I am not done studying,  there is always more to learn.    As a mindfulness practitioner, mindfulness form a strong foundation for working with the dogs,  from the cute baby fluffballs to the snarling aggressive fluff balls.   

The Doggo Genius programmes, are a result from when I was working with very reactive and problematic dogs at a rescue.   A lot of the therapy they needed, can also be applied as preventative measures very early in a dog's life.  I dealt first hand with dogs, who did not receive adequate training and guidance as puppies, teens and even some as adults, and saw how they struggled to adapt, to tolerate and to cope as a result.  I developed these programmes to help all dogs live better lives, not only the ones who need therapy.

Speaking of therapy,  I have also developed interactive online programmes for owners and dogs, who can not cope in a group class situation quite yet,  these programmes and workshops are listed on the Resources page.

For more information on my qualifications, experience and ongoing professional development, you can have a look at my LinkedIn page. Tersha Bateman.