Puppy and Doggo Genius classes

 Puppy and Doggo genius classes take place in Linksfield, Johannesburg on Sunday and sometimes on Saturday mornings.   We have roling classes, which means that there is no specific starting date, your puppy can start as soon as there is a space available.  All breeds are welcome, and puppies are placed in age-relevant classes so that interactions are fair.  

For more detailed information on each course, email me at tersha@doggogenius.com.

Puppy Genius

Our very popular comprehensive early socialisation classes teaches puppies the foundation behaviours needed to help simplify life with a pupper.  We also work on the prevention of common behavioural problems, social skills, enrichment and confidence building.    Each pup is seen as an individual,  training, handling and play time is addressed according to the pup's comfort levels and abilities.

Doggo Genius

Foundation classes for teenager and adult dogs address foundation behaviours, prevention and managing unwanted behaviours, on leash and off leash social skills, life skills and enrichment.  It's important to us to meet the dogs where they are at,  training and interactions are done according to their comfort level and ability.

Each course consist out of 6 consecutive, 1-hour long classes.


In this  follow up course from Puppy Genius and Doggo Genius, we teach more advanced social and leash skills, CGC bronze and silver as well as an introduction to scent work and various other enrichment activities. We focus quite a bit on on leash social skills, which is especially helpful for teen age dogs due to the onset of reactivity and not wanting to be restrained.